Circular innovations in the electrical and electronic products sector in Berlin: potentials and governance approaches

Zirkuläre Innovationen im Bereich Elektro- und Elektronikprodukte in Berlin: Potenziale und Governance-Ansätze

Focusing on the area of electrical and electronic equipment, this report examines initiatives and business models that can contribute to the development of a next-generation circular economy in Berlin. In addition to the potentials that actors are already implementing, governance approaches for innovations of "circular electronics" in Berlin will be highlighted. The next-generation circular economy is about innovations in product design and product use systems. Four basic practices can be distinguished:

  1. life cycle designing (re-design of products and services),
  2. extension of the lifetime of products (re-use, repair, refurbishing and re-commerce),
  3. intensification of use (sharing and product-as-a-service), and
  4. re-use of materials (upcycling and retro-logistics).

The mapping of circular innovations in the field of electrical and electronic equipment shows that a diverse innovation landscape has emerged in Berlin. However, with regard to the practices listed, there is considerable variation in the types of actors involved. Business models and initiatives are already quite advanced in the area of lifetime extension and use intensification. They offer starting points for further developments. In the field of life cycle designing, primarily players from the scientific community are involved. In general, innovations in the field of material re-use still seem to be underdeveloped. Governance approaches exist above all with regard to new funding and investment programs for circular start-ups, the activation of new target groups and cooperative resource mobilization in networks, as well as a stronger orientation of public procurement towards circular electrical and electronic equipment.

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Jakob Zwiers, Siegfried Behrendt, Christine Henseling

Published in

Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 5


Circular Economy, Electronic products, Business models, Governance