Doing business differently in Berlin

Anders wirtschaften in Berlin

Alternative economies are an essential part of Berlin's socioeconomic landscape and integral to the social and ecological transformation of the metropolis. Yet, there has been a widespread lack of understanding of businesses that operate differently in terms of their social mission, alternative organization and specific needs.

This final report of the project “Alternative Economies in and for Berlin” should be understood as a first step to change this. For this purpose, the project team talked to experts from practice, politics and administration over the period of one and a half years, organized workshops and evaluated the extensive literature.

We divide the results into four parts: First, we show why alternative business is important in the first place, and then we present five selected companies that operate in exemplary alternative ways. Thereupon, we summarize the transformation potential of alternative enterprises and conclude by outlining what the basic lines of a tailored promotion might look like.

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Lautermann, Christian; Schmidt, Sabrina; Young, Carla; Gailhofer, Peter

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Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 13


Alternative economies, alternative enterprises, social and ecological transformation