Electricity Neighbours: Techno-economic analysis for a local power supply and sector coupling

StromNachbarn: Technisch-ökonomische Analyse für nahräumliche Stromversorgung und Sektorkopplung

Landlord-to-tenant electricity supply systems have the potential to involve the target group of tenants in the energy transition. At the same time, they also offer enormous innovation-potential on the consumption side. For example, Landlord-to-tenant electricity supply projects in combination with a neighbourhood storage system can decouple power generation and consumption over time and thus provide system-services. There is also great potential for sector coupling, for example through power-to-heat technologies or e-mobility. In this report, different technology options are analysed by simulating the electricity generation of a Photovoltaic-system and the consumption of the tenants.

It is shown that tenant power systems with solar power alone already have a very high domestic consumption rate, which can further be significantly increased by integrating other technologies. From a technical point of view, the coupling shows advantages, but profitability calculations show that these systems are hardly economically operated. To make the operation of tenant electricity systems more attractive, the general conditions would have to be significantly improved.

Published in

Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 25


Tenant electricity systems, energy transition, sector coupling, participation