Mieterstrom zukunftsfähig machen

Wie Berlin den Ausbau von Solarenergie auf den Dächern von Mietshäusern beschleunigen kann

In order for Berlin to be able to achieve the self-imposed targets for expansion of photovoltaics (PC), great efforts still have to be made. The current instruments are not sufficient for this. In order to make use of the great potential of apartment buildings, there is the possibility of producing PV electricity on their roofs and selling it directly to the tenants. But the so-called "tenant electricity" has so far led a niche existence.

At the same time, tenant electricity offers enormous innovation potential on the consumption side and could be an element for a flexible and sustainable electricity system. It is also an important instrument for tenants' participation in the energy transition.

However, some obstacles are delaying the expansion of tenant electricity. The revised regulations in the federal government's "Easter package" for the expansion of renewable energies do little to change this. For tenant electricity projects to be successful, they must be easier to implement and economical to operate.

Publication date

Type of Result

Policy Brief


Astrid Aretz, Swantje Gährs, Jan Kegel

Published in

Ecornet Berlin Policy Brief Nr. 3


tenant electricity, solar power, energy transition