Ecologic Institute


The Ecologic Institute is specialized in applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy, and was founded in Berlin in 1995. As a private, independent institute, it is dedicated to bringing new ideas into environmental policy, promoting sustainable development and improving environmental policy in practice. The Ecologic Institute’s work covers the entire range of environmental issues, including the integration of environmental concerns into other policy areas. More than 120 employees and associates work at the institute in international and interdisciplinary project teams. Ecologic also has offices in Brussels and Washington, DC.

Researchers at the Ecologic Institute explore from different perspectives how the sustainability transformation can be successful and how government policies can foster this transformation. One focus is the economic framework needed for the transformation to succeed. This includes in particular the question of which incentive systems are necessary for a climate-friendly, resource-efficient and permanently sustainable economy, and how to reform the existing economic incentives – i.e. taxes and subsidies.

The Ecologic Institute has been dedicated to science-based policy advice from the very outset. In a series of projects, the institute has analyzed potential courses of action and formulated policy recommendations, not only for the Federal Environment Ministry and the German Environment Agency, but also regularly for various Directorates-General of the European Commission, the European Environment Agency and the European Parliament, as well as for a number of non-governmental actors.