Institute for Ecological Economy Research


The Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) is a leading scientific institute working in the field of practice-oriented sustainability research. More than 60 staff members develop strategies and approaches for viable, long-term economic activity – in other words, an economy that ensures a good quality of life and preserves the natural foundations. The institute operates as a non-profit organization and receives no institutional funding. It was founded in 1985 and is based in Berlin with an office in Heidelberg. 

The IÖW pursues the guiding principle of establishing a scientifically based link between sustainability, economy and policy. Goal orientation, analytical procedures and policy-making instruments revolve around the fundamental idea of social and environmental structural change in society. The IÖW sets itself apart through its inter- and transdisciplinary research approach. Its scientific staff cover a broad range of different disciplines. Economists collaborate with engineers, sociologists and natural scientists both in research and in advising a range of different stakeholders – for example in the areas of sustainable business management, environmental policy and governance, climate and energy, products and consumption, water and land management and digital transformation. The institute’s supporters and clients come from various sectors of society.