The Ecornet Berlin research partnership

Ecornet Berlin is a research partnership comprised of five Berlin institutes working in transdisciplinary sustainability research. The network, which is unique in this form, provides impetus for Berlin’s transformation into a metropolis that is socially and environmentally sustainable. The institutes pool their research expertise with the aim of enhancing Berlin’s role as a pioneer in the development of innovative approaches for a liveable, solidary, “resource-light” and climate-neutral urban society.

Berlin in transition – a pioneer for a liveable urban future

Large cities like Berlin are facing major challenges in the 21st century. Climate change, resource consumption, digitalization, migration as well as an ageing population require a profound change in society. Berlin, as a city in transition, is known for its proven ability to change. And Berlin is one of the most dynamic and greenest cities in Europe. Excellent foundations for tackling the challenges at hand, but time is running short.