The Ecornet Berlin research partnership

Ecornet Berlin is a research partnership comprised of five Berlin institutes working in transdisciplinary sustainability research. The network, which is unique in this form, provides impetus for Berlin’s transformation into a metropolis that is socially and environmentally sustainable. The institutes pool their research expertise with the aim of enhancing Berlin’s role as a pioneer in the development of innovative approaches for a liveable, solidary, “resource-light” and climate-neutral urban society.
Ecornet Berlin Policy Brief 1
Solar energy is the most important renewable energy source that can be tapped in Berlin's urban area. The state government has therefore set the goal of covering 25 percent of Berlin's electricity supply from solar energy. To achieve this, the city's installed photovoltaic (PV)... Read more
Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 11
As part of the CiBER project "Circular City Berlin – Pathways from Potential to Implementation", a transformation roadmap for circular electrical and electronic appliances was developed. It displays how the idea of Circular City Berlin can be advanced in the area of electrical... Read more
Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 10
Innovation towards circular construction in Berlin is characterised by a variety of different actors who are pursuing projects, business models and practices that can be used to strengthen the circular economy, resource conservation and cli-mate protection along the life cycle of... Read more