Circular Electronics in Berlin – Transformation Roadmap

Circular Electronics in Berlin – Transformationsroadmap

As part of the CiBER project "Circular City Berlin – Pathways from Potential to Implementation", a transformation roadmap for circular electrical and electronic appliances was developed. It displays how the idea of Circular City Berlin can be advanced in the area of electrical and electronic equipment. The goal of a greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-productive Circular Economy requires a significantly higher level of ambition in Berlin, Germany and the EU compared to current efforts. To achieve this, three strategies need to be pursued: (1.) the initiation of model projects for a Circular City, (2.) the cooperative mobilization of resources in structural-political networks and (3.) the establishment and development of structures with leverage effect. For example, existing innovation programs should be more focused on using the opportunities that the digitalization offers for new business models to extend the useful life and intensify the use of electronic and electrical appliances.

In order to promote innovative product use systems in the area of electrical and electronic equipment, low-threshold programs are needed that directly address innovative applications and make comprehensive know-how accessible to innovation actors in Berlin through the accompanying networking of individual projects. To promote, sharing and upcycling, a comprehensive, networked infrastructure for open workshops needs to be created. Green public procurement is a key lever for promoting and establishing circular electrical and electronic equipment. Finally, international networking is important in order to shape the regulatory and standardization processes in a targeted and coordinated manner as an overarching framework for a Circular City.

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Siegfried Behrendt, Christine Henseling, Jens Gröger, Timo Lassak

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Wissen. Wandel. Berlin. Report 11


Circular economy, Electronics, Policy recommendations