Refurbishment of school buildings for climate protection: Introductory educational material on the topic of heat transition in non-residential buildings

Sanierung von Schulgebäuden für den Klimaschutz: Einführendes pädagogisches Material zum Thema Wärmewende in Nichtwohngebäuden

This educational material deals with the heat transition as an important part of the energy transition. It gives teachers at secondary level ideas for designing teaching units to convey the most important facts about the refurbishment of buildings. The learning objective is to demonstrate the relevance of saving thermal energy for climate protection and to convey a basic understanding of the special features of energy-efficient buildings. Basic knowledge about the climate crisis is provided as an introduction. Technical details, on the other hand, are less in focus.

To ensure that all interested teachers can use the material regardless of their previous knowledge, the material provides versatile background knowledge in the sense of quality assurance in the form of links to recommended further materials. The learning objectives are formulated for each unit so that points of intersection with the framework curriculum can be identified and the respective sections can be classified according to content.

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Heat transition, school building, transformation, energy transition