Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment


The Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment is an independent research institution founded in 1981 and based in Berlin. The non-profit institute conducts research projects, organizes scientific and public events, compiles expert reports and advises policy-makers, the private sector, cultural institutions and civil society. Its work focuses on environmentally, socially and generationally compatible strategies for business and society. More than 30 scientists work at the IZT. Research and consulting activities are guided by the principles of sustainable development and improving the quality of life. 

The IZT studies mid- to long-term futures, focusing on implementation by translating future visions and scenarios into strategies for today. It conducts technology assessment and evaluates scientific and technological developments, including their implications for society, the economy and policy, over various time periods and identifies new opportunities and options for action. The IZT incorporates different perspectives – economic, environmental and social – into its sustainability assessment and takes into account incidental consequences and questions of acceptance. It systematically involves interested and relevant actors and stakeholders in its research at an early stage and supports its clients through the instrument of foresight – an effective way to detect opportunities and risks early on.