Sustainable Economies

How can Berlin become a flagship for alternative business practices and circular economy models?

Today’s climate and biodiversity crisis, but also the social problems, have been largely caused by our consumption habits, lifestyles and business practices in recent decades. What needs to change? And what role do large cities like Berlin play in this process?

Through transdisciplinary social and environmental research, the Ecornet Berlin research partnership collaborates with practitioners to analyze alternative business models that meet the requirements of sustainable development. The goal is to test approaches to alternative business practices and circular economy models in pilot projects. The network aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and civil society actors in establishing and enhancing skills and networks and in implementing business models that take sustainable business management in Berlin from its niche to the mainstream and firmly establish it there in the long term.

The research partners want to intensify dialogue with political and administrative actors on alternative business practices and circular economy models, with the aim of creating an understanding of and approaches to the necessary policy support and regulatory frameworks